3 alternatives to running sprints

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While running fast and sprinting are great forms of exercise, sometimes they can get a bit boring. Unfortunately if you’re alone you can’t really play any games by yourself. But, if you have a training partner you can make sprints more fun.

What are 3 alternatives to sprints?

Football, Frisbee and Handball



football field

If you have a group of people then you can play a game, but if it’s just 2 of you then you can run drills. For example, pass the football to your partner, but not directly at them. Make them run for it.

This requires them to go from 0-60 in a nanosecond. You could also hike them the ball and then they must run past you to score a touchdown, with you try to stop them.


ultimate frisbee

I really like throwing the frisbee around. If you have a group, you can play ultimate. If it’s just 2 of you, then you can run passing drills, running up and down the field.



Handball is a great endurance builder. Not only are you running close to full speed, but you also have to hit the ball with power. If you are trying to build up your endurance, definitely give handball a try.

What do all three have in common?

If you said, they all have a target, you are correct. One of our most primal instincts is to hunt. By focusing on a target we forget about everything else. When you try to catch something, you don’t really think about running faster. You focus on the target and just try to get there. That’s why playing doesn’t feel like exercise.

While all 3 may not have this in common, another primal instinct is to get away from a threat. Think about it. When you catch a football and try to make it into the end zone, you run as fast as you can. If someone is chasing you, you run even faster.

People are amazed at how fast they can run when they are being chased. The brain taps into that primal side of survival and gives you a little extra kick.


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