Why I like shovelglove

Sledge hammer statue

I have a tendency to get bored really quick, so I like to mix up my workouts all the time. But if you take a closer look they may be different, but most exercises do repeat themselves. I had been doing some reading and came across people who train with sledgehammers. A lot of them swear by taking a sledgehammer and hitting a large truck tire.

Boy do I wish I could do that. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard where i can do that. So, I started searching for something that I could do with a sledge hammer. Low and behold, I came across shovelglove. Shovelglove allows me to use a sledgehammer, I bought a 6lb one, to work my body in a different way. It also allows me to do active rest.

Since the 6 pounder isn’t really that heavy I can do it if my body is tired or sore and get some blood pumping into my muscles. Also, by changing your grip position it will make it heavier due to leverage. If you take a look at the above link, or shovelglove community college, you will see all the different exercises you can do, as well as come up with your own. Be careful though, you wouldn’t want to hit yourself with the business end of a sledgehammer.


photo credit: Statue

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