30 Day Triceps Experiment


Back in 2013, I performed a 30 day snatch experiment. In that experiment I promised to perform 20 snatches per day every day for a month (30 days) to see if I would lose any kind of weight. The reasoning was because I had lost weight on the previous 30 day biceps experiment by only adding bicep curls to my daily routine.

I lost a total of four pounds on the bicep curl experiment without even trying, but lost nothing on the snatch experiment. In that article I talked about “the burn” I got when performing bicep curls and still wonder if that’s why I lost weight. On the snatch experiment there was no burn to speak of, ever.

But triceps always seem to burn when I work them out.

So that leads me to here– a new experiment.

Here’s the rundown.

1. I will do 20 triceps lying presses (skull crushers) every day using a 15# dumbbell
2. I will do no more than 10 reps per set
3. I will perform 2 sets for each arm and alternate arms for each set
4. I will do this everyday for 30 days
5. I will not do any bicep specific exercises
6. I will continue doing other exercises like pull-ups, deadlifts,pushups and squats

So on August 5th, 2016 I will begin this new 30 day experiment.
I’m curious to see what this will accomplish. Will my triceps get bigger? Will they get smaller?  Will I lose weight? Or will it just be a total waste of time?

Check back in 30 days to find out.

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