The 30 day Triceps Experiment Results

As a refresher, this is what I said I would do…

Here’s the rundown.

1. I will do 20 triceps lying presses (skull crushers) every day using a 15# dumbbell
2. I will do no more than 10 reps per set
3. I will perform 2 sets for each arm and alternate arms for each set
4. I will do this everyday for 30 days
5. I will not do any bicep specific exercises
6. I will continue doing other exercises like pull-ups, deadlifts,pushups and squats

OK, here’s what happened…

-At the end of the thirty days, did I lose any weight?

No, nope, negatory. But, on the bright side, I didn’t gain any weight either.

-Did my arms get any bigger?

Yes they did. I gained an eighth of an inch on both arms.

-Was it a complete waste of time?

Absolutely not. No experiment is ever a waste of time. For me, I found out that I could actually add an eighth of an inch to my arms by using only a fifteen pound dumbbell for 30 days. I also found out that even though my triceps always burned, I didn’t lose any weight.

I’m still curious as to why when I did the same experiment on my biceps I lost weight. Oh well (shrug). Maybe I’ll need to revisit that bicep experiment again one day.

And FYI, I’m already planning my next experiment… Kettlebell Swings. Stay tuned.



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