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dieting bites fred medina

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What’s with all the diets?

I’ve tried plenty of diets, especially when they seem to be the next big thing, but they don’t seem to work for me. Among them are paleo, carb cycling, low carb, 5:2 and intermittent fasting.

In Dieting Bites I discuss each diets premise fairly quickly since they can really all be summed up in one paragraph. Most books out there go on and on, until I’m eventually thinking- just get to it already.

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1 minute workout series bundle 3

I’ve put together four of the best received guides together in this bundle because they cover all the bases.

1 Minute Isometrics and More 1 Minute Isometrics cover strength. 1 Minute Cardio 2.0 covers cardio. And lastly, 1 Minute Core covers abs.

With these guides you can work the body completely.

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Introducing 1 Minute Isokinetics.

1 Minute Isokinetics is a simple way to perform a 1 minute strength workout that focuses on compound exercises and controlling the resistance throughout the entire range of the rep.

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Introducing More 1 Minute Isometrics

More 1 Minute Isometrics is a sequel to the original “1 Minute Isometrics” and consists of three, 1 minute workouts, that can help develop strength and possibly rehab some old injuries. While the original guide focused on using your body and just the rope, my new guide focuses on using the rope in concert with a door anchor. Don’t own a door anchor, I’ll show you how you can use a simple ninety-nine cent dog leash as one.

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swimming for quitters

Introducing Swimming For Quitters: Learn How To Swim Calm, Smooth & Relaxed

Have you tried to learn to swim and failed? Are you tired of instructors yelling for you to kick harder and faster? Then you should take a look at Swimming For Quitters and finally learn how to get comfortable in, and moving through the water.

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1 minute core fred medina

Introducing 1 Minute Core: Strengthen Your Core In Only 1 Minute

1 Minute Core consists of three quick core workouts, each taking only 1 minute to complete. Think you don’t have time to do exercise? Think again. Everybody can spare 1 minute every now and then.

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1 minute cardio 2.0 fred medina

1 Minute Cardio 2.0: Five Cardio Exercises, Without The Torture.

Five exercises where 1 minute makes a difference.

Hate long boring cardio? Do you hate running for an hour at a time? Me too. That’s why I starting looking for a different way. And that way is short cardio that get’s the heart rate going, but doesn’t leave us totally exhausted. In this 1 minute workout guide, I’ll discuss five exercises and different ways to work the 1 minute clock.

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not another pullup guide fred medina

Not Another Pullup Guide

Have you tried to perform pullups, but have never been able to? Do the pullups you perform look more like a seizure versus strength training? If so, I’ve devised a simple guide that will show you how to progress using workout bands. By the time you complete it you should be able to perform at least 8 full pullups.

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fitness jumbo bundle fred medina

The FSEfitness Jumbo Bundle

All of the e-guides listed below are now available in one bundle. Along with the four e-guides you’ll also receive four bonus reports. Read on to find out what’s included.

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1 minute bundle #2


The 1 Minute Workout Series Bundle #2

This bundle is composed of three guides. 1 Minute Warrior, 1 Minute Cardio 2.0 and 1 Minute Core. If you’re like me you don’t like long boring workouts. You just want to get the work done and be done with it as quickly as possible.

These guides consist of exercises that can be done in quick workouts. You can either do them separately or even string them together and create your own workout system. Inside I will even show you how to break down the minute into different time options, in order to vary your work load.

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The 1 minute workout series

The 1 minute Workout Series: Bundle #1

We all have busy lives and find it hard to fit in a workout. That’s where the 1 minute workout series comes in. These e-guides average about 20 pages and will allow you to get up and going quickly.

Aren’t you tired of paying $20-$50 for those 300 page e-books? When you get down to it, they could’ve probably fit the main point into 30 pages or less. But then you would’ve felt like you didn’t get your money’s worth.

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1 minute poses

Introducing 1 Minute Poses:

1 Minute Poses consists of three quick workouts, each taking only 1 minute to complete. Think you don’t have time to do exercise? Think again. Everybody can spare 1 minute every now and then.

Do you want to try Yoga, but don’t know where to start or don’t want to spend money on a class? Then try these quick workouts.

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secrets of military fitness- fred medina

Secrets of Miltary Fitness:
21 Techniques the military uses that can get you ship shape

Time and time again, the military gets new recruits. Those recruits need to meet a certain standard by the time boot camp is over. How do they do it?

First, all recruits must meet a minimum standard when going in. Next, the military has done it’s research and come up with certain techniques to bring those new recruits along.

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1 minute isometrics

1 Minute Isometrics:

1 Minute Isometrics consists of quick workouts that can help develop strength and possibly rehab some old injuries.Think you don’t have time to do exercise? Think again. Everybody can spare 1 minute every now and then.

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but I don't like running now what?Now What? Now you learn how to run for Speed and Short distances. If you like to run miles and miles a week, then this book isn’t for you. But if you want to be able to run fast and be done in under 20 minutes then this book is right up your alley.

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