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Swimming For Quitters

swimming for quittersHave you tried to learn how to swim and failed?

Have you spent years and hundreds, or thousands, of dollars on lessons and you still can’t swim?

Would you like to swim for fun and recreation, exercise and for survival?

You have just stumbled upon Swimming For Quitters: Learn How to Swim Calm, Smooth & Relaxed, a guide to help you finally learn how to swim.

I learned how to swim in high school, at least I thought I had. One day I realized just because I could swim one length of the pool, it didn’t mean that I knew how to swim.

In this guide I discuss a method for learning how to swim that I put together after struggling to learn myself. The next step for me was to share that information with others. I soon realized that just because I knew how to swim it didn’t mean that I knew how to teach it.

After many tries, I finally came up with a way to share that knowledge and it all starts with getting comfortable in the water, something that I think a lot of learn to swim programs don’t spend enough time on.

Most learn to swim programs teach the freestyle stroke as their first stroke. I think this is wrong and the reason why most people fail or have a hard time learning to swim. Therefore, in this guide, freestyle will be the last stroke you learn.

The first stroke you will learn is called the Prime Stroke. It’s a stroke so simple and comes naturally for most people that it will change how you see swimming forever. The Prime Stroke will have you swimming in no time with little effort or struggle.

This guide is for the non-swimmer or absolute beginner. So if you’re tired of not knowing how to swim or instructors who just keep yelling, “kick faster,” then take a look inside.